Pentair Clean and Clear Plus Filter Troubleshooting Tips

Clean & Clear Plus FilterThe Pentair Clean & Clear Plus swimming pool filter is among the best pool filters on the market. It uses four easy to maintain polyester filter cartridges that come in four different sizes including 240, 320, 420, and 520 square feet of filter area. The filter tank is simple to open, the cartridges are easy to clean by rinsingwith a garden hose, and the tank is easy to reassemble. When confronted with suspected problems with the Pentair Clean and Clear Plus filter, review the troubleshooting tips below for possible solutions.

Air in the Filter - if it is suspected that there is air in the filter, take corrective measures right away because air in the filter can be dangerous. The most common reasons for air entering the system is a low water level that causes the pump to draw air. If this is the case the simple fix is to add water to the pool. Some other common causes for air in the filter are a clogged skimmer or pump basket, a leak in the pump pot lid or the pump suction line, and a leak in a suction pool cleaner hose.

Pressure Gauge Shows No Pressure - if the pressure gauge is not registering any pressure, there are a number of possible reasons. The first step in identifying this problem is turn the filter on and do a visual check of the water flow. Check the skimmer basket to make sure the water level is sufficient to supply enough water to the pump. If the water level is low, that is probably the solution. If the water level is good and it looks like the skimmer intake volume is good and there is good flow back to the pool through the return lines, the problem could very well be a bad pressure gauge (see below). If the problem still hasn't been identified, check to make sure the pump impeller is not clogged. Before checking the impeller, make sure to shut off power to ALL pool equipment so that the pump does not come on during this time.

Bad Pressure Gauge - the pressure gauge is a vital part of the filter system. It is a primary indicator of how the pool system is operating. Always maintain the filter gauge in good working order. The pressure gauge is in good working condition if it goes to zero when the system is off, indicates a pressure reading when the filter is on, and is readable and not damaged in any way.

Filter is Leaking - there are only a couple of reasons the filter would be leaking. Most likely the filter clamp just needs to be tightened. If the filter clamp is already tightened and the filter is still leaking, disassemble the filter and check the o-ring for cracks or wear and tear. The o-ring may need to be replaced.

Debris Returning to the Pool - if there is debris returning to the swimming pool and the pool just doesn't seem to be clearing up, there could be a rip or tear in the filter cartridges. One clear indicator that this is a problem is if the finger filter for a pressure side pool cleaner repeatedly gets clogged. If this is a suspected problem, remove the cartridges and cshare this page

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